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Regulatory Chat with OSHA Overview

OSHA LogoDepartment of Labor and OSHA offered a Question and Answer Webchat on January 5th, 2011. The purpose was to discuss question about the upcoming plans for regulatory changes and priorities of these regulatory issues.

Here is an overview of what was discussed:

  • OSHA says that companies are in violation of OSHA law if by policy or practice they require texting while driving or create incentives that encourage or condone texting while driving.
  • OSHA states that training in languages that the workers do not understand does not constitute adequate training.
  • OSHA states that in 2011 they plan to revise requirements on protection from electric arcs, fall protection equip, and minimum approach.
  • According to OSHA – Final rule in Confined spaces for construction will be published in Nov, 2011.
  • According to OSHA their highest regulatory priority is the injury and illness prevention program rule (i2p2)
  • OSHA states that an effective I2P2 programs ensure employees are trained in the hazards to which they are exposed.
  • OSHA states that I2P2 will cover “all workplace hazards” including physical, biological, and chemical.
  • According to OSHA – OSHA will be increasing the use of the general duty clause in the future.
  • According to OSHA – MSD column to be added to 300 log starting Jan. 2012
  • According to OSHA – There are NO plans to re-propose any of the ergo rule.

You can view the full Webchat discussion here.

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