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ASSE Safety 2011 Annual Conference

Safety 2011This year’s Safety 2011: the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) Professional Development Conference will be held June 12-15th in Chicago, Illinois.

Mark Your Calendars!

InjuryFree is excited to deliver the presentation, “Four Components to a Safety Program that Works!” on Wednesday, June 15th from ll:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

About the Presentation

An effective safety program does not rely on just one method to reduce risk. It takes a comprehensive, balance approach. This presentation will introduce the Safety professional to a new approach to safety. Coined “BEEA+” this strategy looks at the 4 components to a world class safety program and assists the Safety professional in producing the safety goals that are desired.

Most people agree that for a safety program to be successful, it must be proactive. Yet, in the real world, many safety programs never leave the “reactive” phase. Safety professionals are often so busy “putting out fires” that they are unable to focus on getting the program to the “proactive” phase.

This presentation will walk the safety professional though the 4 key components that help propel a “reactive” program into a “proactive” program. Each attendee will be introduced to each component, and given real world ideas on how to incorporate the component into their current safety program.

Have You Registered?

Safety 2011 registration is available through the Safety 2011 website. You can register by clicking here – but don’t forget to sign up for our presentation, number 766!

InjuryFree is looking forward to meeting with various members in the safety and occupational health community. Are you planning to attend? Let us know!