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How Can InjuryFree Help My Return to Work Program?

Employee with neck injury.While it is InjuryFree’s mission that workplace injuries be prevented entirely there are times when injuries do occur. The intention of all parties involved with the injured worker’s claim is that the employee returns to work as soon as is safely possible.

A significant challenge is finding the delicate balance between having the employee return to work too soon, increasing the chance of re-injury, and delaying the return beyond what is necessary and appropriate. InjuryFree’s unique, “in-house” return to work solution is specifically designed to create a seamless transition between the injured worker’s “outside” physical rehabilitation program and the safe resumption of the job’s tasks. The overall intention is that the benefits of the outside rehab program are not only maintained but maximized so the risk of re-injury is minimized.

Components of the InjuryFree return to work program:
  • Injured worker access to in-house Employee Maintenance Center
  • Joint specific and job task specific strengthening, conditioning and stretching programs
  • Communication with “outside’ health providers and company medical ensures continuity of care plan is achieved
  • In house convenience provides injured worker with easily accessible pain management solution when resumption of job increases symptoms
  • Employee Maintenance Center staff provides at the work station coaching on task specific body mechanics and work postures

For more information on InjuryFree’s unique return to work program, simply complete our contact form, and an InjuryFree representative will contact you.

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