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What is an Industrial Athlete?

Employees working on manufacturing line.Just as professional sports teams go to great lengths to keep their players healthy, so too should companies take measures to keep their industrial athletes healthy.?

Like the professional athlete, the industrial athlete is often subject to exceedingly high physical stresses. For two decades InjuryFree has developed effective employee maintenance solutions that truly hit the target in addressing muscular-skeletal injuries; sprains, strains, repetitive stress injuries, etc. That target is employees’ “bio-physics” and addressing this area is critical to the success of an overall injury prevention strategy.

Employee “bio-physics” is concerned with whether or not they possess and maintain the necessary physical attributes to tolerate their jobs without experiencing pain and injury.

InjuryFree’s answer for employee maintenance is called the Employee Maintenance Center or EMC. The EMC is an at the job site facility that empowers industrial athletes to take on a proactive role in their own health.

The purposes of the EMC are to address workers’ aches and pains before they develop into costly injuries, to provide strength and conditioning solutions for the industrial athlete, to reduce injuries and their costs, and to integrate with the other facets of your comprehensive safety program.

Click here to learn more about how the Employee Maintenance Center could help your facility.

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