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Prevention Through Design (PtD) Plan Released

NIOSH LogoThe National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) released “Prevention through Design: Plan for the National Initiative.” This document lays out the goals and strategy for preventing work related illness and injury though a proper designing process.

The Prevention through Design (PtD) Plan has been built around 5 areas of involvement:

  1. Research: Will allow for demonstration of the value added but use of the PtD planning strategy.
  2. Education: The plan sets in place a plan around adding the PtD strategies in to higher education settings with focus on ensuring safety, engineers, manufactures and leadership will have access to and understanding of these principals.
  3. Practice: Through sharing of successful procedures, processes and tools practice will allow for continued dedication to worker safety alongside of technology advances.
  4. Policy: This plan draws out the use of policy, regulations, and standards to be set to help ensure safety working conditions, using the PtD designing model.
  5. Small Business: The plan allows for small business to have access to training, and resources regarding PtD strategies.

“In many respects, PtD is a transformative concept for the 21st Century,” said NIOSH Director John Howard, M.D. “It views investments in worker safety and health as an integral part of business efficiency and quality, rather than as a cost. It is also a practical concept that has already been used successfully in several model applications. We look forward to working further with our partners to advance the goals outlined in the Plan.”

The full Prevention Through Design Plan can be found at here.

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