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Health and Wellness: Starting in 2011 in the Employee Maintenance Center (EMC)

Together Creating a Healthier YouThe Employee Maintenance Center’s primary objective has always been to reduce the cost and incidence of work injuries by increasing the physical capacity of employees to do their job functions.

In 2011 the EMCs will not only offer the muscular-skeletal injury prevention services we have always provided but will debut programs to help employees increase their overall health and wellness. Our increased focus on health and wellness will include general health screening and goal oriented programs that quantify program outcomes and participants’ successes.

In rolling out our health and wellness services we will provide our clients with posters, educational materials, and hands-on demonstrations to increase awareness in each of the following areas:

  • Jan – Weight Issues
  • Feb – Heart Health
  • Mar – Unsafe & Distracted Driving
  • Apr – Pain Management
  • May – Arthritis
  • Jun – Heat Exhaustion
  • Jul – Nutrition & Healthy Diet
  • Aug – Preparing for Cold and flu Season
  • Sep – Fruits and Veggies
  • Oct – Cancer Awareness
  • Nov – Smoking/Lung Health
  • Dec – Stress/Depression

We are looking forward to the upcoming year with great anticipation and are excited to have the opportunity to help each of our participants live, work and retire InjuryFree!

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  1. Absence360 says:

    January is always about weight issues. Every person I know of 25 years old gained weight during the holidays. December is all about employees eating, drinking and having a great time. That not counting family time eating…. During the holidays, we need an employee scheduling software just to schedule time at the gym. There is lots of soup and exercise in my future. Happy New Years!

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