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Worker Opinion: Workplace Safety

In the study 76% of workers stated they are completely satisfied with the “physical safety conditions of their workplace”.  This is in sharp contrast to the 28% of workers are completely satisfied with the “amount of on-the-job stress”.  Clearly the majority of employees feel they work in a “safe” environment, but most feel that stress is commonplace in their job.

In addition to the environment, the study shows that workplace safety may be satisfactory, but if an injury does occur many felt that it was not reported properly.  In fact 16% felt strongly that employers are not reporting workplace accidents or injuries, and 15% felt strongly that some workers are afraid to report workplace accident or injures.  In addition nearly 10% strongly agreed that employees at their workplace regularly ignore health and safety procedures

Although employees felt their workplace was safe, a large amount of employees felt they perform tasks of high risk.  Employees reported that 47% had jobs requiring repeated lifting, pushing pulling or bending, and 50% had jobs that regularly required repetitive or forceful hand movements or awkward postures

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(Source: NORC work safety study)

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  1. Absence360 says:

    Interesting Numbers 76% of workers feel work is safe, but most feel stressed.

  2. Thank you for your good advice.

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