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OSHA shares which sites should expect an OSHA visit

OSHA LogoOSHA is offering more information regarding which companies should expect OSHA to come knocking.  15,000 employers have received notification from OSHA that their workplace injury rate was unacceptable.  In the letter sent to these 15,000 employers, the statement was clear…”take immediate steps to protect [their] workers”

OSHA has shortened this 15,000 employer list down to 4100 companies.  This shorter list makes up the Site Specific targeting primary inspection List.  OSHA describes the criteria forming primary inspection list:

  • Manufacturing establishments with a Days Away, Restricted or Transferred (DART) rate at or above 7.0, or a Days Away from Work Injury and Illness (DAFWII) case rate at or above 5.0
  • Nursing and personal care facilities (i.e., establishments in Standard Industrial Classification code 805) with either a DART rate at or above 16.0 or a DAFWII case rate at or above 13.0
  • Other non-manufacturing establishments with a DART rate at or above 15.0 or a DAFWII case rate at or above 14.0
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