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Why can’t work be a place where people go to become healthy?

InjuryFree CEO, Trent Shuford

At InjuryFree, we believe in a world where peoples’ work environments are safe, and injury-free.  This is accomplished through prevention of injuries by promoting personal responsibility in health and safety. If we focused on prevention first, work would become a place where people gain the skills, knowledge and capability to reach these goals.

Work environments go through many changes and with those changes one fact is true; having a healthy workforce in a safe environment, working injury-free, will save your company money. Currently, over a billion dollars a week is spent by companies on injury related hard costs, not to mention the hidden costs!

The reactive injury response process has led to increased claims costs and a medical service model that has become too expensive. Both employers and employees are feeling the rising cost of healthcare with higher premiums, insurance deductibles and co-pays. The cost of healthcare and regulatory compliance is driving companies to transition from a reactive process, to preventing injuries before they occur. Focused correctly, prevention can reduce if not eliminate risk that results in injuries.  Prevention does require time and a financial investment, but the return on investment in prevention becomes a bigger opportunity for businesses year after year. The value of prevention unfolds over time and its benefits are decreased absenteeism, fewer health expenditures, increased productivity and profit. For businesses, prevention provides a competitive advantage for those proactive, World Class companies.

Change is needed; we can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result!

Wouldn’t you agree…?

If you are interested in transitioning your organization to a prevention model that helps employees first, we at InjuryFree would like to partner with you. Contact us today and we will work together to identify solutions that reduces your workplace risk, prevents injuries, and increases workers’ productivity for a competitive advantage.

Thank you!

Trent Shuford, CEO

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  1. Well said! With ROI numbers for prevention programs so favorable it is hard to understand any company not actively looking for as many ways as possible to implement them.

    Must be inertia…


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