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Health and Wellness Program Benfits

In the 8th Annual Study of Employee Benefits Trends published by MetLife states that investing in health and wellness programs is an effective method to maintaining and improving productivity, as well as help to control medical and disability costs.

Other key benefits to wellness programs include:

  • Greater loyalty and employee retention. Nearly 70% of employees that participate in a wellness program are more likely to stay with an employer
  • Employees who participate in a wellness program report better health and are less costly for the company’s medical program
  • Wellness programs are correlated with financial health. Forty-eight percent of employees who participate in a wellness program say they feel in control of their finances. Good health is associated with the opportunity to earn a living and accumulate wealth

Despite these key benefits, health and wellness programs are only utilized between a range of 10%-39% of employers. Amongst the top industries utilizing health and wellness programs include non-profits, manufacturing and health care companies, and large companies with more than 1,000 employees.

Click here to read the Annual Study of Employee Benefits Trends

Our thoughts:

One component that is missing from the study is the importance of health/wellness programs as a method to prevent employee injury. These programs help to encourage a culture focused on prevention – treating the body and addressing risk before the onset of an injury happens.

For more information in how InjuryFree implements an onsite prevention and rehabilitation center on-site, please visit our Employee Maintenance Center page.

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