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World Health Day – 7 April 2010

Did you know today is World Health Day?

The Word Health Organization (WHO) organized today’s event in an effort  to raise awareness in health across the globe.

Communities are encouraged to open their city streets for health-related activities. This year’s campaign, “1000 cities – 1000 lives” invites participants to submit photos and stories related to their involvement in raising awareness of health in local communities.

Education is an important awareness tool. InjuryFree is proud to be presenting to the Washington Chapter of ASSE today, discussing ways to increase the health and function of employees. Come see the presentation if you are in Washington! In addition, I will be submitting photos on Facebook today about all the ways that InjuryFree is working to increase the health of employees everywhere.

What are you doing to increase the health of your community? Or yourself? Or your family? Share your stories!

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