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ASSE – Washington Chapter Meeting

InjuryFree is looking forward to presenting “The BEEA+ Paradigm: Identifying Risk and Solutions” at the ASSE Lower-Columbia Basin Chapter in Washington State tomorrow (April 7th, 2010).

This presentation will  assist professionals in identifying opportunities to enhance and improve their safety programs by implementing a unique, comprehensive and proven injury prevention system; the BEEA+ paradigm. The BEEA+ paradigm is based on the premise that every injury results from a failure in one or more of the following areas; Bio-Physics, Ergonomics, Education and/or Awareness. Participants will be guided in an interactive presentation to identify the key components that are missing within their safety programs, and will be provided with solutions on how to improve. More importantly, they will be shown why incorporating BEEA+ should be the priority of any organization’s safety program.

InjuryFree is available to present topics in workplace safety prevention at your meetings, events and conferences. Simply Contact Us with a date/time and brief description, and we’ll be in touch.

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