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The Sunshine Vitamin

GrassrootsHealth (GRH), a public health research organization working to get Vitamin D research from science into practice, announces it will host a landmark seminar April 9 in La Jolla, California to unveil the latest significant research on Vitamin D. According to executive director Carole Baggerly, “Vitamin D can prevent up to 80% of cancers with proper blood levels – it’s easy and safe. We’re seeing epidemic levels of deficiency worldwide and we can stop it right in its tracks.”

Multiple research findings establish that having adequate serum levels of Vitamin D substantially lowers incidence rates for many  cancers, including breast, colon, ovary, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and several others. Information on the Vitamin D Seminar is available here.

I have been reading more and more about the positive effects that Vitamin D can have.  I am looking forward to the new information that will come out as a result of this seminar on April 9th. I am wondering if anyone out there has started taking their Vitamin D supplements? If so have you had any positive effects noted? Any negative?

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