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Watch That Weight In Your Carry-On Bag

With the costs of luggage ranging anywhere between $10-$100 or more for additional bags, it is no wonder that travelers are trying to fit as many items on their carry on as possible to avoid check-in or overweight fees.  But before you pack that extra item, consider what the weight can cause in pulling around the airport – and to a flight attendant checking your carry on is safe and secure in the overhead bin.

A recent survey by the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA reports that over 80% of flight attendants have sustained an injury when dealing with carry-0ns in overhead bins.The most common injury being strain and pulled muscles in the neck, arms and upper back.

One out of two flight attendants witnessed carry-items falling from overhead bins in the past 60 days, noticeably prior to takeoff and deplaning.

To reduce the risk of injury, the AFA-CWA is encouraging the traveling public to write to Congress, uring them to pass legislation that would ease the carry-on situation.

Currently, there is a bill in the U.S. House of Representatives that offers to set one standard for all bags carried on board U.S. commercial aircraft. The Securing Carry-On Baggage Act, H.R. 2870, would create a universal size for carry-on bags, instead of allowing each carrier to determine its own size requirements and requires the Transportation Security Administration to enforce the rules.

Watch the news story on Good Morning America or visit the Website

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