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Too Much Texting Taunts Injury

Annie Levitz, a 16-year old from Chicago, IL and frequent texter is suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. Averaging around 100 texts a day – 2,000 texts a month to her friends, Annie noticed pain in her wrists and was unable to pick up objects and was scared at the onset of the pain she was experiencing. She currently wears braces and takes cortisone shots to ease the pain and will be undergoing surgery to release the tension in her wrists.

With the increase of hand held technology bringing the world in a smaller, communicative space, we are putting ourselves at risk for injury. From neck and back strain from looking down at devices, to carpal tunnel from frequent texting to straining our vision in looking at the smaller screens, one must be cautious of the wear and tear we are adding to our bodies by partaking in such behavior.

Annie is a an unfortunate example of someone who took her use of technology too far in staying connected with friends. At the age of 16, she is going “under the knife” to forgo a surgery that could have been easily prevented by simply taking breaks, using a touch screen and more importantly – reducing the number of texts she was making. No longer is ergonomics an issue for generations in the workplace; now we must also focus our efforts on the younger generations and their interactivity with technology devices.

Annie’s story simply reflects that no one is immune to injury. Hand-held technology is bringing new challenges for our body to manage, but by having the proper education and awareness that accompanies this behavior, we can reduce the amount of injury that happens. For Annie, her wrists would still have the strength to do every day tasks, free from pain.

By switching from a reactive to a pro-active mentality, we can reduce injury risks – including carpal tunnel syndrome, and utilize new technology in positive ways without harming our body.

What do you think about the rise of hand held technology and stress we put on our bodies? Will new technology help us in prevention? Or will it only negatively impact our bodies – doing more harm than good?

Source: “Teen Needs Surgery on Both Wrists After Excessive Texting” posted Monday, March 22, 2010 by FoxNews

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