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AAOHN 2010 National Conference: April 10-15, Anaheim, CA

Cited from the Website, the AAOHN Annual Conference is the premier educational and networking event for occupational health nurses and other professionals in related disciplines.

Mark Your Calendars!

The InjuryFree team will be presenting  ?”The BEEA+ Paradigm: Identifying Risk and Injury Prevention Solutions” to health care professionals on Saturday, April 10th from 1:00-4:30 p.m. In this pre-conference workshop, attendees will qualify for continuing education credits.

Workshop Description:

In this presentation, OHN professionals will learn how to effectively identify work place risk utilizing the unique and proven injury prevention method, the BEEA+ paradigm. The BEEA+ concept is based on the premise that every workplace injury ultimately results from the inconsistency or breakdown in one or more following areas: Bio-Physics, Ergonomics, Education and Awareness. Attendees will develop an understanding of how these components integrate and why they must all be part of a company’s overall risk reduction strategy. Exposure to solutions for risk reduction and injury prevention will also be part of this presentation.

An emphasis of the solutions discussion will be on the bio-physics component of BEEA+ paradigm. The presenter will discuss the concept of bio-physics as it relates to repetitive micro-trauma and overuse injuries especially within an aging population, and how bio-physics inter-relates with the remainder of the BEEA+ components.

When left unchecked employees’ aches and pains, work related or not, can ultimately become work injuries and costly claims. What if employees could develop “early symptom recognition” such that they could recognize the signs of common but potentially debilitating muscular-skeletal conditions? What if they had access to a convenient solution for these symptoms so they could be addressed before they reached “injury” status? Attendees will learn the answers to these questions and more after attending our presentation!

Will you be attending the AAOHN National Conference? We would love to connect with you! Leave us a comment and we will be in touch!

See you in Anaheim!